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The key to our Capital District success has always been our sense of teamwork - we are not islands in an archipelago, we are a community service world. We have taught ourselves that as Kiwanians we can accomplish whatever we set our minds to.

We need to know our resources - not only our abilities, but especially our personal willingness to devote the time needed to complete our commitment. And we have a great number of unsung heros among us who could do great work, but who are not known outside their club or division.

Tyner's Tigers must depend on your avid willingness to be part of our team, carrying out what needs to be accomplished for the Capital District. We will need Kiwanians who can set aside the time to be a division subject matter coordinator or a district coordinator, based on your demonstrated experience. If you have a powerful interest in working with your fellow Kiwanians in a particular service or administrative area, please let me know by filling out this short form:

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